The Best Health Tech for Today

The wonderful world of tech has brought about many positive changes. The idea that computers, with all of their time-saving and money-saving benefits would not be available is a thought the bare not thinking about. The areas of our life that have become transformed by technology isn’t merely consigned to the business quarter. The health benefits that have come from new inventions, or the refining of old ones have seen people take their health and fitness into their own hands. Take a look at the below for a list of some of our favourite health tech products.

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

The world of the fitness app is one that is large and almost entirely saturated, but their popularity has risen to much that we will still see various health applications for both phones, tablets and watch apps sprouting up across the web. They help you control calories, count steps and even tell you – if you need telling at all – when you haven’t moved in a while. Their main bonus is probably the effect monitoring can have on you motivation as much as anything, but with a lot of apps coming in free, there’s such an awesome accessibility that hadn’t previously been available to health nuts.

Posture Correctors


These little bits of gadgetry are really handy for those of us who tend to have poor posture, either through slumping forward while walking, or slumping backwards while you’re sitting down. Sometimes it feels like you just can’t win. But take a look at these top posture braces, you can find something that will pull you into a great stance, whether you like it or not! Although these braces tend to take around 21 days to take full effect, they’re really great if you have back pain and you’re suspicious it’s because of being in a literal slump.

Smart Scales

Smart Scale


Smart scales are a newer invention but could revolutionize the way you track weight gain and manage your health by linking your scales through to your phone. This monitors heart rate, water retention, body fat and much more, enabling you to target certain areas of your health and fitness plan to best give you the results you are looking for. It was only a matter of time before you were going to be able to keep an eye on these things through a set of scales, and this advancement is a great addition to health technology.

Anti-Pollution Scarf

This neat bit of new tech is a scarf that you pull up to your face, and that protects you from the smog and pollution of inner-city living. Pollution is a hot topic right now, so this health tech could really take off, especially in Asian countries where basic smog protectors are already popular.

There is so much more within this market that’s massively growing, and these are just a few of the items we choose as the best in the business. As technology gets better, there will be new, improved products on the market to choose from.